August 7-13 2017

Country Hills Golf Club – Talons Course

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* Minimum of two (2), four (4) hour shifts are required to receive volunteer benefits of clothing and meals. Accepted volunteers will be required to attend a one (1) hour orientation session prior to the tournament.
I agree if I am accepted as a volunteer of the ATB Financial Classic, I shall perform such duties as described and assigned to me in a safe, courteous and professional manner, and co-operate with my fellow volunteers and officials. I assume all risk and danger of injury incidental to the game of golf, including the risk of being struck by errant or misdirected golf shots, acts of God, and inclement weather, and I release the ATB Financial Classic, Linx Marketing, Mackenzie Tour PGA TOUR Canada, Country Hills Golf Club or participating players, and all agents and affiliates thereof, from any and all liabilities resulting from such causes.